LNG Ecosystems: Bringing clean energy to you. Anywhere.

Unlocking markets through the LNG ecosystems we develop, AG&P enables the transition to clean fuel and reduce the carbon footprint in the regions we operate.

We actively build efficient, right-sized LNG import terminals as gateways to new markets to access LNG leveraging AG&P’s innovative technical and commercial solutions. Our expertise helps terminals and downstream networks become reality faster, more economically and with proven, efficient solutions. 

From project development, financing, LNG supply sourcing, EPC & commissioning to meeting downstream demand and logistics, our LNG ecosystems drive accelerated adoption of NG while serving as a dependable partner for solving volatility issues inherent in renewable energy.

AG&P LNG Platform

Accelerating transition to clean energy

Our downstream LNG infrastructure platform consists of LNG Terminal & Logistics, City Gas Distribution and LNG Technology. We are rolling out multiple large-scale infrastructure projects to bring natural gas to new and growing demand centers.

Through our LNG platform, AG&P singularly offers affordable, scalable, flexible and sustainable supply and distribution of natural gas that unlocks markets faster and reliably, while bringing down greenhouse emissions.

LNG Terminals & Logistics

  • Developing, owning, and operating LNG import facilities to introduce LNG to gas-starved demand centers
  • LNG trucking
  • LNG bunkering
  • LNG marine break-bulking

City Gas Distribution

  • In India, AG&P is an important private energy player with its City Gas Distribution (CGD) network covering 28 districts across 8% of India and ~80 million people.
  • Supply of LNG, CNG, and/or PNG:
    • Industrial
    • Transport
    • Commercial
    • Residential

LNG Technology (GAS Entec)

  • AG&P’s LNG Technology Group, branded as GAS Entec, is the go-to technology and engineering firm for LNG projects, allowing faster project conceptualization, engineering and delivery
  • Innovative solutions for maritime LNG, hydrogen and other gas-related products

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